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Vibro Destoner

Shri Viratra Engineering is Providing High Quality, Excellent efficiency, and effortlessness of maintenance vibro De-stoner, the latest Techonology in stone removing, automation, and have a robust design. Vibro De-stoner is employed in a variety of processes, including bulk material classification, cleaning and stone removing the elimination of high-density impurities.

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Technical data

Automation Grade Automatic
Machine Size Length 2000mm width - 1000mm
Machine Full Size Length 2750mm width - 1400mm
Machinery Weight 500 KG - 700 KG
Machine Material Mild Steel
Machine Jali size 1000mm x 1050mm
Power Type AC
Power Consumption 3 HP- 65 HP
Phase Three Phase
Voltage 220 Volt/ 440 Volt
Vibro Motor 0.5 HP X 2 Nos.
Pulses Type All Kinds
Recovery of head pulses 70 - 80 %
Production Capacity 2.5-3Ton/Hour
Recovery of Broken Pulses Less than 1%
Warranty 1 Year
Describtion Power Required
in HP
Capacity Per
Houre in Tonnes
Nett Weight
in kgs
Gross Weight
in kgs
Shapping Volume
IN Cu. Mtrs
VD-95 0.5+0.5(10 HP FOR BLOWER) 2.5-3 Ton/Hour 550 700 2
VD-96 0.5+0.5(15 HP FOR BLOWER) 3.5-4 Ton/Hour 550 700 2


Machine Parts


silent Features

Low space & power required

vibro Destoner is most useful in cleaning process. vibro Destoner works in very low power requirement and minimum space for installation

High separating efficiency

With its high separating efficiency. the destoner is capable of efficiently separating even small and lightweight Stones with the size of a grain from the stream of product, thus ensuring optimal grain cleaning.

wide variety of applications

This destoner is characterized by its wide variety of applications In addition to standard applications with all ,Grain and Pulses, the machine can also be used in specialty mills for processing Cumin, wheat, sesame, and all pulses.

Auto. Cleaning System

The Vibro Destoner has an automatic cleaning system that uses rubber balls. These constantly move over the sieve and clean them during operation. There are also no lubrication points which reduces maintenance time.

Low Vibration

Vibro Destoner comes in 3 deck sieves for better cleaning purposes. It is fitted with vibro motors for high efficiency cleaning. It proceeds dust free operation and remove fine and course impurities by sieving.

Minimal Maintenance

for effortlessness maintenance vibro De-stoner, the latest Techonology in stone removing, automation, and have a robust design.


common questions

How does a destoner work?

A. A destoner is a machine that removes stones and clods from soil ridges and moves them to the furrow so that the ridges are free from stones. The stones travel through the machine and the bigger stones fall into a boulder box and the smaller stones fall onto a cross conveyor and in turn fall into a trench.

What is a destoner machine?

A. A Destoner is a machine that designed to remove the stones, mud or similar in size or shape impurities from the rice, wheat, paddy, coffee, beans and so on.

what is the power requirement of vibro Destoner Machine?

A. In this machine 0.5 HP Two vibro Motor Included for vibrate machine body for Complete easily cleaning process.

which industrial plant we can applied vibro Destoner ?

A. vibro Destoner is applied in dal mill plant, flour mill plant & seed Cleaning plant for clean and grade all type of grain and pulses

what is Cleaning capacity of vibro destoner ?

A. The vibro classifires cleaning capacity depands on grain denicity. but average capacity 2.5 – 3 ton per hour in wheat and pulses