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Pin Machine

Pin Mill is specially designed to deal efficiently and economically with a wide range of materials and can beast y adjusted to give the fineness required from a coarse granulation to finely ground powder. Pin Mill Grinding is gradually done from the centre to the periphery of the Rotor, allowing heavy pieces of material to be reduced by stages to the fineness required. Constructional materials and operating components are manufactured out of the best applicable raw materials, so as to yield close particle size for similar product.

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Technical data

Automation Grade Automatic
Machine Material Stainless Steel
Power Type AC
Power Consumption 15 HP- 25 HP
Phase Three Phase
Voltage 220 Volt/ 440 Volt
Vibro Motor 15 HP X 1 Nos.
Driven Type Pully, Belt
Pulses Type All Kinds
Recovery of head pulses 70 - 80 %
Production Capacity 200-500 Kg /Hour
Warranty 1 Year
Describtion Power Required
in HP
Capacity Per
Houre in Tonnes
Nett Weight
in kgs
Gross Weight
in kgs
Shapping Volume
IN Cu. Mtrs
PM-131 20 HP 200-250 600 700 2
PM-132 25 HP 250-300 700 80 0 4


Machine Parts


silent Features

Natural Grinding

It is slow process that helps to retain the gram flour natural state of minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Low space & power required

Pin Machine is best option for users in Grinding gram Flour. Pin Machine works in very low power requirement and minimum space for installation

Rubber Pad & Rubber Balls

Pin Machine is characterized by its wide variety of applications In addition to standard applications with all mech gram flour

Heavy Duty

Our Pin Machine has Heavy structure, High capacity, smooth operation, integrated design and fully automated. in Machine used in various implementations. in Machine is usefull in gram Flour Mill Plant and Pulse Splitting

Easy to operate

Sieve can be changed in a matter of minutes for other products.this is Helpful for save time and continue operation

Standard Quality Blt

Standard Quality Blt For long life and high production Capacity


common questions

What is Pin Machine ?

A. Pin Machine is widely used for grinding Special quality gram flour .

what is the power requirement of pulverize Machine?

A. Pin Machine power requrment dipend on customer production capacity .our pulverizer machine minimum power requirement is 25 hp.for more details about power requrment see the table below

what is the Mantanance in Pin Machine?

A. after a time when grinding Bit wear out in Pin Machine , You need to replace it.

For How Many Hours can the Pin machine run continuously ?

A. ten Hourse we can run continuously the pin machine, after two hours rest again ten hour run continuously