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Belt Conveyor

High strength belt with heat resistant synthetic fiber, Integrated design, and fully automated, This is the Belt Conveyor from Shri Viratra Engineering . Belt conveyor is used in various implementations. The Belt conveyor is primarily used for conveying Grains, Pulses, and Rice, and smooth and rough material.It is made up of many layers. At the top of the structure, a rubber belt is placed, made up of heat-resistant synthetic fiber that moves endlessly. Beneath the rubber belt, metal rollers are aligned to provide strength to the belt. These rollers play a helping hand for the belt to move. At both, ends of the conveyor two bearings are attached which makes the movement smooth. Gear motor is fixed on the head of the conveyor that drives the belt. A clear belt is adjusted just above the synthetic belt on both sides of the belt to prevent the material from getting stuck inside the machine. 1 High strength fibre belt. 2. Bearings for smooth movement. .3.Heavy Rollers

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